Relationship between the brain and our NADH Technology

The more NADH that is introduced into brain tissue, the greater the increase in measured electrical brain activity. These electrical brain activities increase the areas of the brain used for thinking, focusing, mental clarity, memory recall, concentration, cognition, attention, coordination, etc. Studies show that a NADH supplement will increase the levels of NADH found in brain tissue.

Brain activity is increased after 20 minutes of taking Cellion. These images show the effects before and after Cellion is taken.



Memory is defined as the storage of information, signals and stimuli received by our five senses and the retrieval of the stored information. Cognition is a prerequisite for memory. Cognition is the process of receiving signals from outside the body. Chemical reactions in the cells of the central nervous system are triggered in which certain molecules induce information from one to the other. The neurotransmitters adrenaline and dopamine are responsible for cognitive performance. Cellion increases those neurotransmitters, therefore cognition(memory) is improved.

Depressive State

Symptoms of someone in a depressive state include: being in a depressed mood for a long period of time, showing a change in appetite and weight loss, not being able to sleep, showing signs of psychomotor retardation and agitation, losing interest in pleasurable activities, feeling worthless, have difficulty concentrating or thinking clearly, and having morbid or suicidal thoughts. Cellion helps with someone who has a mood imbalance by increasing dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin. These are directly associated with someone who is depressed. Cellion also stimulates the natural production of these neurotransmitters, resulting in positive changes in mood.


The Aging Brain

Cellion inhibits dopamine auto-oxidation. The neurotransmitter dopamine is spontaneously oxidized in our bodies, mostly in the brain; which is called auto-oxidation. This process is found significantly in older individuals.Cellion can stop the auto-oxidation of dopamine, thus reducing or preventing damage to parts of the brain. As we age cells start to die and tissue degenerates, and NADH helps ward this off. 

Neurological Deficiencies

Cellion is known to help the body produce the major neurotransmitter dopamine, which is important for motor skills and cognitive functions. By stimulating neural activity, the coenzyme helps brain cells perform better and possibly survive longer. A University Hospital confirmed the use of Cellion NADH as a treatment for cognitive impairments. In a double blind study, with a placebo of controlled matched pairs. The clinical study showed after 6 months of treatment, the subjects treated with Enada Co-E1 (10mg/day) showed no evidence of progressive cognitive deterioration and had significantly higher total scores on the Mattis Dementia Rating Scale (MDRS) compared to subjects treated with placebo. No side effects have been observed in any of the patients. 
Sleep Deprivation and Jet Lag

Sleep deprivation is a common problem affecting most people during adulthood. It impacts otherwise healthy individuals who cross time zones, work during evening or nighttime hours, or have infant children, as well as patients with sleep disorders, certain psychiatric disorders, and medical conditions such as those that produce a chronic pain. Sleep deprivation can lead to declines in cognitive performance, impacting the quality of waking time and, if severe enough, can lead to vehicle collisions and occupational consequences. In published clinical studies, Cellion has been shown to increase energy and alertness in adults with extreme cases of fatigue and to reduce the effects of jet lag on cognitive performance and sleepiness. 


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