The Amazing Power of NADH Discovered

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What took so long for science to discover NADH? How was it discovered? Our story begins in 1934 when Dr. Kaplan, a renowned American scientist found that NADH, the abbreviation for the reduced form of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide plays an essential role in the energy production of cells. While this was an important discovery there was at that time no practical means of producing NADH in a human usable form.

In 1985 the Enada team began researching and testing the therapeutic potential of NADH. What was needed was a stable, oral form of NADH that wouldn't break down in the stomach. But could they find it?

Drug companies around the world were already working on synthesizing NADH. Their efforts failed. They were unable to stabilize the NADH. And those that could, were unable to get the body to absorb the active NADH.

The drug companies could manufacture NADH in liquid, intravenous form. The companies found that the cost of just one NADH treatment was enormous, well beyond what any insurance company would pay for.

An Impossible Task?

The task set before them seemed impossible. No big drug companies with all their resources could do it. What makes them think they could? The impossible task the Enada Team would have to perform: create a stable, absorbable (by the body) oral form of NADH that was able to cross the blood brain barrier.

What would they call it? What does the dictionary call NADH? The dictionary calls NADH (èn´â-dê). OK then, that will be its new name: EN-A-DA.

For years, The Enada Team  continued their research. They put many forms of NADH through many clinical trials. They published their research. Other European Universities read the Enada Team's work. Other University research medical centers put NADH through clinical trials. They too, published their research. During all this time, everyone working with NADH found it to be a very fragile substance. Sunlight, humidity, even the standard coating on a tablet destroyed the stable NADH. They also found NADH couldn't be stored for more than a couple of days.

Mission Accomplished

It took over ten years, hundreds of disappointments, and countless failures, but The Enada Team did it. They were able to create a absorbable, oral form of NADH.

NADH Uses:

The Enada Team know NADH can be used in the treatment of many degenerative diseases. A dozen Universities around the world are testing it for use in medical treatments. Many research studies have proved NADH is a natural substance, with no known side effects or toxic levels.

What Exactly is Cellion NADH?

  • Cellion NADH  is the only patented, stabilized, absorbable, oral form of NADH available.

  • Cellion NADH  (reduced ß-nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is coenzyme 1, an important cellular energizing coenzyme.

  • NADH is a coenzyme naturally present in all living cells and is necessary for cellular development and energy production.

  • Cellion NADH  is clinically tested effective for chronic fatigue syndrome. CFS patients taking Cellion are four times more likely to improve than those taking a placebo.

  • Cellion NADH  is not a hormone, not a steroid.

  • Cellion NADH  is a potent antioxidant form of vitamin B-3.

  • NADH stimulates cellular production of the neurotransmitters dopamine, noradrenaline, and serotonin, thereby, improving mental clarity, alertness and concentration.

  • NADH is directly involved in the body's cellular immune defensive system and the more NADH in your body the better the DNA repair system functions.

Benefits of Taking NADH

  • NADH plays a primarily role in the energy production within every human cell

  • NADH is crucial in process of repairing damaged and wounded cells

  • NADH is fundamental in cellular DNA repairs

  • NADH is proven to enhance and energize the body's immune system

  • NADH is the most biologically potent antioxidant in all of nature (It is the best scavenger of free radicals.)

  • NADH has a direct positive involvement in the production and regulation of important compounds within the body. For example, clinical studies have proven NADH enables the body's creation of depleted brain chemicals called neurotransmitters.

  • Proven effective in treating Parkinson’s disease

  • Proven effective in treating Alzheimer’s disease

What's more...

NADH supplies the energy that is used for the production of important compounds in our cells. An increase in the level of NADH will increase the production of adrenaline and dopamine. This is especially important to the brain. It improves many aspects of brain and central nervous system functions (related to the activity of dopamine and adrenaline.)

Oral NADH supplementation has been used to combat simple fatigue as well as such mysterious and energy-sapping disorders as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Researchers are also studying the value of NADH supplements for improving mental function in people with Alzheimer's disease, and minimizing physical disability and relieving depression in people with Parkinson's disease.

Some healthy individuals also take NADH supplements orally to improve concentration and memory capacity, as well as to increase athletic endurance. However, to date there have been no published studies to indicate that using NADH is in any way effective or safe for these purposes.

NADH enhances the synthesis of another neurotransmitter, norepinephrine (noradrenaline) that contributes to alertness, concentration and mental activity. Dopamine and norepinephrine are "feel-good" brain chemicals; decreased brain levels of either can lead to depressed mood. Drugs that raise the brain levels of dopamine and norepinephrine can elevate mood to the point of euphoria, as illustrated by the effect of cocaine, a drug that blocks the breakdown of both neurotransmitters.

NADH - I had to have some!

After reading about all of the health benefits NADH provides I just had to have some. I went straight to the health supplement store at the mall. I found it but it cost $30.00 for 30 pills. Kind of expensive but I really needed something that would boost my energy. I bought it and started taking it the next morning. I noticed the increase in energy right away. I felt mentally and physically energized. I put in a full day at work, came home and cut the grass, and did all of my other yard work. In short, I felt great. I had energy to burn. It wasn't a jittery kind of feeling like drinking a lot of coffee either. Just a nice steady feeling of enhanced energy.

The effects were even better with time. You see, when you first start taking NADH your body uses it where it needs it most. After a couple of weeks when your body has enough to go around it then has all it needs for energy production. A dollar a day was definitely worth the benefits I was getting.

How to take NADH for best results

NADH has been tested at very high doses and there have never been any adverse side effects reported. It is one of the safest supplements on the market.

Who is The Enada Team ?

The Enada Team are a world-renowned bio-chemical research group who were the first to identify the importance of NADH in cellular development and energy transmission for all bodily functions and organs.


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