NADH is considered of vital importance to the world in general for good health support. While NADH has been a topic of conversation within mainstream media and gained the attention of modern integrated medicine, the team at Cellion have been researching within this space for nearly 20 years. We’ve been working with some of the leading researchers and scientists and over the years, we’ve conducted numerous studies to showcase the effects of NADH. We’ve compiled a series of studies on NADH for your review and information.

Energy and Anti Aging

Energy production declines with the aging of a cell. Consequently, if the energy production of a cell declines below a certain threshold, the cell will die. There are several reasons that cause a decline in cell energy production. These are influential factors that occur both inside and outside the cell. However, cells are repairable. And we can actually repair cells and help them reach full functionality again through NADH due to the fact that NADH protects cells from damage and promotes cell damage repair.*


In an open label trial the dispersion of reaction times and the ergometric performance of seventeen (17) competition level athletes (cyclists and long distance runners) have been examined before and 4 weeks after a daily tablet of 5 mg of reduced NADH. The dispersion of reaction times (DRT) became better and so did the quality and the speed of recognizing symbols in a certain pattern. In 9 of the 17 athletes the continuous attention as well as the maximum performance did improve.*

Chronic Fatigue

Menuco Corporation found that our natural energy-enhancing nutritional supplement, tested by researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center, has achieved significant improvement in relieving the symptoms of people suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).*